Pica Towers and the nature of originality

I’ve been brainstorming, off and on, about this.

Go ahead and watch this; it’s Pica Towers, by Marc Craste, about robots living in an enormous tower on a windswept plain.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to translate this into a role-playing game. The characters are the last surviving remnants of humanity, living in a tower on Yuggoth; the cute little robots are just the external body that the Mi-Go built around human brains so that human beings, in all of their fragility, wouldn’t be destroyed by the new, harsher universe that they inhabit.

But here’s the thing: Even I do write this up, all I’m doing is taking somebody else’s work, making a few cosmetic changes and not really doing anything new with it. I’m bolting on some Lovecraftian markers, but how hard is that?

It’s not like this is new. Dungeons and Dragons wears its influences on its sleeve with pride. But if you asked me how much of my idea is unique, I’d say maybe five percent, tops.

I don’t know that I have any larger point to make; I just wanted to say it somewhere.


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