What’s the Tesseracti?

The Tesseracti is an gestalt organization – part border patrol, part secret police force, part national guard, part research lab, part haven for the exiled and the weird. It skims off antibodies and techonlogy from useful echoes, destroys nightmarish ones, eliminates hostile Xyacti entities, and prevent incursions into Earthspace by antibodies or by macrolings, entities spawned by echoes. 

The organizational structure of the Tesseracti is akin, roughly, to a police department, albeit one that has imaginary friends as its sergeants and lieutenants.

The four boys who founded the Tesseracti are still alive, and direct the Tesseracti from above; they’re referred to as The Founders. They’re almost never seen these days, mostly due to the horrifying changes that they’ve undergone throughout the years.

Each area that the Tesseracti has responsibility for has an accompanying Surgery to go with it. For instance, the Excision is responsible for removing antibodies and macrolings from Earthspace, while the Incision is responsible for raiding echoes. Each Surgery has people working underneath it who conform to the traditional organizational pattern, like the Extrapolation‘s research departments, or the Excision‘s surveillance hives. 

Where most player characters will wind up is in the workcells, which are the cutting edge of the Tesseracti. Workcells are shifted among surgeries as necessary – breaking the spine of an antibody in Des Moines one day, stealing a blood-powered car from an echo the next. Members of a workcell are always either augmented or powered to ensure survivability against the various threats they’ll encounter. Each workcell has a Controller, a human being who’s been half-converted into a conceptual form, who translates orders from the Founders into workcell assignments.





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